The El Corazůn is a fantastic venue for bands to play. We have a great sound system, big stage, excellent beer selection, etc.

If you are interested in getting booked here you should follow these easy steps:

1. Send us a demo of your music (CD is preferred). Your package should contain pertinent information about your band such as contact name/number/email, a written description of what you sound like, website address, where you have played, who you have played with, press, photographs, and/or whatever else you think we should know. If you are a touring band please include prospective dates. If you have a printer you can just click this link, print out the form and mail it in with your demo. ***INFO SHEET***
2. The mailing address is: 109 Eastlake Ave E., Seattle, WA 98109
3. You can also drop off your material at the bar during the hours of 8pm - 2am seven days a week.
4. You can also email the relevant info to:
5. Give us two to three weeks to listen to your music. We get many CDs each week, and we do listen to them all, but it takes time. Please follow up via e-mail. We try to get to everyone, but we get tons of demos, and even more phone calls and emails.
6. If you absolutely MUST call the bar regarding your band, please only call weekdays during the hours 1pm til 6pm.

Attention Local Bands! - If you are a local band, here are some *important* things to keep in mind:

You are responsible for bringing customers to the club on the night of your show. That means you must promote your band, and bring paying customers to the club to see you play. We give you the door money after expenses - which are typically a small percentage of the door and sound; we also have to charge back security on all-ages shows). If we give you a show and it is not well attended (rule of thumb Ė at least 15 customers per band member), we will be less inclined to have you back. If you pack our club, we will love you! See Promotions 101.

Be nice! As the saying goes, you get more flies with honey than vinegar - or is it bees? Why would you want to catch bees or flies? Something like that. Seriously though, you probably really want to play at our club. If you are friendly, chill and super nice, you will be that much more desirable to us when we are looking for bands to book. A bad attitude is enough to make us never want to have anything to do with you againÖ sorry, but itís true!
How will we know you are friendly? We see you at our bar, supporting the scene and original music!

If you see a night on our calendar you would fit on, let us know. If you have an idea for a full line up for your show, let us know that too! While everyone would like to headline a Friday or Saturday, we would appreciate more business on weeknights, so donít be afraid to take a show on one of those dates.

Promotions 101
Playing a show isn't as simple as showing up and plugging in. We ask that ALL bands promote their shows as best as possible. After all, it's you on stage- why not have a full room in front of you. Here are some quick tips on how to work it:
1. Make POSTERS and HANDBILLS to bring to the club at LEAST 3 weeks before the show. If it is much later than that, it will make us very crabby. Please give them to the door-person or bartender rather than hanging them yourself. While youíre at it, make them attractive and legible. Donít stop there, flyer everywhere you can. We regularly send a mailing to our mailing list and local calendar listings but you should supplement that the best you can. Bring your handbills to shows you are attending, hand them out there.
2. Tell everyone you know to come see you play. The more buzz, the better. Family, friends, etc. - they're all potential fans. Donít underestimate word of mouth promotions!
3. Contact the press.
4. Do all you can to get information to local record stores, shops and watering holes... in other words FLYER! FLYER! FLYER!