NO Assholes
NO Attitudes
NO Racists, Homophobes, or Elitists
NO Drugs
NO Outside Alcohol
NO Stage diving
NO Graffiti
NO Fighting You throw - You go
NO sharp spikes
NO colors/letters

Photo policy is determined on the day of show.
Each band has their own policy. If photos are
NOT allowed, you will be asked to either check
your camera or put it in your car.

You WILL be searched at the door prior to admission.
Any drugs, alcohol, weapons and markers will be confiscated

- :
There is NO re-entry if you are under 21.
If you are over 21, you may re-enter with stamp.

/ :
Shows that are All Ages have designated drinking areas. Showroom is All Ages. ABSOLUTELY NO ALCOHOL Is permitted in the showroom during All Ages shows. Alcohol must remain in the designated bar/lounge area. You must be over 21 and have a valid ID to enter bar/lounge area.