T.S.O.L., Left Alone, and the Burnz

TSOL El Corazon

T.S.O.L., Left Alone, and the Burnz, The Stranger El Corazón Eastlake Thu., Jan. 14, 8 p.m. 2016 All Ages Grab some eggs, or your favorite vegan egg substitute, and getcher spikes sorted ’cause this looks like the first prime punk show of ’16. T.S.O.L., aka True Sounds of Liberty, are a long-running, old SoCal punk

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High fives: the best concerts of 2015

Brownstein Showbox

High fives: the best concerts of 2015, Seattle Times, by Seattle Times staff Our music writers were all over the Northwest in 2015, from dive bars to dance clubs to international jazz festivals. Eight of them look back on the year and choose their favorite shows. As usual, our music critics look back at the

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Wimps Celebrate Release of “Suitcase” at the Funhouse

Wimps The Funhouse

Wimps Celebrate Release of “Suitcase” at the Funhouse, Seattle Music Insider by Victoria Holt “We’ve never done this before!” Wimps singer and guitarist Rachel Ratner exclaimed Friday night, as the cheeky band donned their instruments at the release party for their new album, Suitcase. “We’re going to play the entire album, start to finish.” It’s

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Punk rock lives — on Eastlake


Punk rock lives — on Eastlake, The Seattle Times, By Charlie Zaillian Emerald City trio Wimps, which celebrates the release of its second album “Suitcase” on Friday (Nov. 13), is to Seattle’s predominantly 20-something local underground as wily 42-year-old pitcher Bartolo Colon is to the New York Mets pitching staff. “He might be older than

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Mudhoney Helps Fight Cancer

Mudhoney El Corazon

Mudhoney Helps Fight Cancer, Seattle Music Insider by Christine Mitchell If you follow music in this town, you’ve probably heard about Eddie Spaghetti’s (of the Supersuckers) fairly recent diagnosis of oropharynx cancer and consequent surgery to have a tumor removed from his neck this summer. He’s had three surgeries, in fact, and has just finished

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Mushroomhead And Metal Soars At El Corazon

Mushroomhead El Corazon

Mushroomhead And Metal Soars At El Corazon (Photo Slideshow), Seattle Music Insider, By Mocha Charlie Fans of “metal” shows expect a certain amount of head banging, moshing and flashing of the “sign of the horns” during a concert. Monday night’s scene at El Corazon didn’t disappoint. From the first note of the first song by

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Punk-metal dive bar Funhouse to return

Punk-metal dive bar Funhouse to return, Seattle Post-Intelligencer, By Lynsi Burton For all the punks and proud weirdos who have missed their home at Funhouse, the music venue will return to Seattle in April, this time in Eastlake. Funhouse will join forces with another local music pillar, El Corazon, which previously bred Seattle’s grunge scene

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Beloved Venue the Funhouse to Reopen in El Corazon’s Lounge

The Funhouse

Beloved Venue the Funhouse to Reopen in El Corazon’s Lounge, The Stranger, by Dave Segal After a long search and some setbacks, Brian Foss and Bobby Kuckelburg will reopen the Funhouse—the popular punk/metal-oriented dive bar that folded in 2012—in Eastlake Avenue club El Corazon‘s lounge space on April 1. Foss and Kuckelburg will become joint

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